Day and Night Dry Cleaning Service

Unique in the Netherlands: the High-Tech 24-hour dry cleaning service. The Rembrandtpas gives you 24/7 the possibility to bring or collect your clothes! Read more

Stomerij Rembrandt

Steaming, cleaning and washing. Dry Cleaning Service Rembrandt  is taking care of your clothes since 25 years!


In the refurbished dry cleaning shop, almost all types of outerwear can be cleaned. Our specialty is exclusive and delicate garments, which needs more care and attention. Of course all your clothes get our special attention.



When extra care is needed, we even clean by hand. Besides the regular fabrics you can also come to us for cleaning your blankets, curtains, leather and suede. For other services such as linen closet preparation, shirts service, clothing repair or invisible stoppage you've come to the right place.


Cleaning of clothes takes us up to 48 hours. In urgent cases we can consult you with an emergency service.  


We offer expert advice for all your questions.